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Guardians 2017 123movies

Guardians 2017 123movies

Squad of Soviet SuperheroesFeb. 14, 2017100 Min.
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Watch: Защитники 2017 123movies, Full Movie Online – During the Cold War, an organization called “Patriot” created a super-hero squad, which includes members of multiple Soviet republics. For years, the heroes had to hide their identities, but in hard times they must show themselves again..
Plot: During the Cold War, an organization called “Patriot” created a super-hero squad, which includes members of multiple soviet republics. For years, the heroes had to hide their identities, but in hard times they must show themselves again.
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4.0/10 Votes: 13,795
33% | RottenTomatoes
N/A | MetaCritic
N/A Votes: 639 Popularity: 28.053 | TMDB


**Not just another superhero film!**

It was more like a counterpart of the first ‘Captain America’ film. Because both the films set in the same background, which is the Cold War. But the Cold War was merely a reason to initiate what the film needed for its story. So as we roughly guessing the plot, there’s something goes wrong in the secret experiment and then there emerges the superheroes and the supervillains.

The last time I saw such scale grand Russian film was ‘The Inhabited Island’ and decided never watch such Russian flicks. I might be wrong, because my knowledge about the Russian films is less, but there could be a lot better films that I haven’t seen. Anyway, I put all my faith on it, despite very low ratings and heavily criticised it on the internet. I must say that, it was a decent film, neither a breathtaking nor a worst film (of the year).

Yep, there’s lots of cliché, because you have seen them all in high standard Hollywood films. But since it is not a Hollywood, comparing them is unfair. A little appreciation needed for its effort. Except borrowing the concept should be questioned here. Because that’s made its lack of originality. And one more exception is that science is everywhere the same, which is a big excuse for that.

The graphics were almost flawless. The characters are unique, but adapted from the same blueprint how every superhero film take off. So what went wrong with it is the big question, despite everything’s carefully and nicely done. And the answer is the screenplay. Any superhero films majorly depends on the best designed action sequences and the stunt choreography with respective superpowers of the superheroes at its best.

> ❝Death for us is not a problem, we’ve lived long enough.❞

I liked the costumes, which aren’t too fancy or simple, and the superpowers, but I don’t think they were used that in the best way possible. And have you ever seen a 90 or less minute superhero film. That’s another drawback. Because shortening the runtime does not speed up the narration. In this film, there were no space given for the character developments, like to make them, those heroes sit somewhere and have some lazy takes, which surely opens their deep thought, including personal events of the past and all. What I saw was, they came, they saw the villain and they fought him.

Well, at first attempt, it should not succeed, otherwise the film ends there. That’s how all the superheroes rise back from the initial stumble. Only after upgrading with modern scientific weapons and gadgets to boost their superpowers, they now can match the bad guy. Those were the properly done things from the film. But not everybody will be happy for it as it is another clichéd segment. So what, that’s same even if it is a Hollywood or European film.

Then what makes the film watchable is the production standards, that very much comparable with the big cost films around the world. Those criticised it was wrongly accused as saying it has the cheap CGI visuals, but that’s definitely not true. Then the most successful film in the history of Indian cinema, ‘Bahubali’ would lead such worst visual effects list. If you watch this film, you would know that or you would bring your own perception. But the plot holes, surely there are many, if you are focused enough to identify them.

After all, if you give your interest to watch the film, then there won’t be any time to go after such errors. Thus, it is the thing what all the film critics usually do. Madness is some film fanatics joined them. So never mind all the negatives about the film. Don’t think I’m defending it. Just know how I rated it, an average. My idea is to expose it not a very bad film as it was labelled. That does not mean it is a fantastic film either. A 50-50 chance film, which can be still watchable, and once you did, the outcome of the watch could be anything. So after seeing all the confusing ratings and reviews, it must be hard for you whether to go for it or not. Suppose if you ask me, I say choose wisely, and if you did, have low expectations.


Review By: Reno

**The Guardians: how to make a “Russian X-Men” flick for $7 million.**

In our world the sum of $7 million was last adequate for a blockbuster about 40 years ago. Obviously, the Russian team bet on using smaller resources to maximum gain. Not unlike the current Russian president’s geopolitics, cough. The result is more than solid—for a direct-to-DVD level superhero flick, that is.

**The women:** gorgeous in a way which only Eastern European women can ever be—combining the Scandinavian Valkyrie component with the finer feminine Slavic beauty. In short—the next Trump-type can do worse than dip into the beauty pool of The Guardians.

**The men**: dreamy types, blond and dark, muscular and lithe—for all tastes.

**The acting quality:** imagine the supporting cast of any generic direct-to-DVD film with Steven Segal, but worse by about 25%.

**The action sequences:** world class.

**The special effects:** more or less on par with the special effects from the first X-Men film from the year 2000, which back then cost $75 million to make. Apparently a decade and a half later technology has progressed enough to enable the plucky Russian team to achieve the same effects of…the effects…for a minuscule fraction of the cost.

**The plot:** Soviet super-soldier experiments decades ago led to a bunch of amnesiac, un-aging men and women scattered around the country, who are gathered once more in order to stop the baddie who is wreaking havoc on New York, *sorry*, I meant Moscow. The baddie in question is like an uglier Bane, but with an approximation of the powers of Magneto.

**The end result:** can it compete with the Marvel or DC films of today? Absolutely not. Is it good entertainment when measured by direct-to-DVD or TV film (or modern computer game) standards? Sure

**Conclusion:** back in the 1960’s and 1970’s Italian directors like Sergio Leone and Dario Argento proved that even if you have no budget and no actors and no coherent plot, you can still create world-class, even legendary cinema through sheer class.

The Guardians has no class whatsoever, but is a perfectly OK derivative adventure with superheroes and things going bang, and in an “exotic” setting at that. Maybe this is just the start of something cheap and beautiful?

If Russia becomes a world center for cheap knock-offs of Hollywood films, I for one would be happy with this development and would watch these films, because with smaller budgets and therefore less oversight by focus-group obsessed bean counters, interesting stuff may start to develop within the generic story skeletons, as once was the case with Italian films.

Review By: SgtKowalski
This could have been a good movie.
‘Guardians,’ or ‘Zashchitniki,’ as the Russian title would have it, has a reputation that precedes it. I recall well watching the first trailer prior to its release, and being intrigued. I also remember how quickly and thoroughly the completed film was panned, across the board. Yet my curiosity could only be sated by seeing it for myself. More than anything else, I’m disappointed.

In both its writing and direction, ‘Guardians’ is direct and unsubtle to the point of absurdity. Every possible bit of exposition is delivered in the first few minutes, including opening credits that cement the nature of these superheroes and visualize their origin. This opening sequence is at once adequate in its purpose, while also perhaps too indiscreetly showing its hand – moviegoers don’t actually want to see how the meat gets made, but we get the whole picture.

Dialogue and plot points are all ham-fisted and forthright beyond all reason, disallowing the cast any opportunity to exercise their craft or meaningfully inhabit their roles. Action sequences follow this bent while also being executed with such flawless perfection as to actively shred our suspension of disbelief. Every character has perfect knowledge of anything happening; just as there’s no nuance in the picture for the audience to pick up on, there are not truly any secrets in the narrative for characters to discover.

Not one scene or emotional beat is given the chance to manifest, linger, and resolve of its own accord – I don’t think I’ve ever seen another movie as forcefully, strenuously fast-paced as this. ‘Guardians’ does technically possess all those elements we would expect of a modern-day superhero film, but they are glossed over with such a slippery, waxy sheen that the picture blows right past them. It wouldn’t be wrong to say this feels like a parody or caricature of a comic book flick, but perhaps more to the point, it’s like this movie is a supercondensed microcosm of the genre. And that’s a big problem, seeing as how this style of film is all about showing us how big, grand, and expansive the universe can be in all its possibilities.

From a technical standpoint, I think ‘Guardians’ is actually just fine. Makeup, hair, costume design and wardrobe, set design and decoration, art direction, and fight choreography all look swell as far a I’m concerned. I think the sound design is good, and the original music of composer Georgiy Zheryakov. On the other hand, like the action sequences, special effects and computer-generated visuals mostly have the opposite problem of the typical subpar B-movie: usually we anticipate effects that fail to blend seamlessly into the real world, as seen on camera, because of how poor they are. Here, the CGI is so carefully, lovingly rendered that it looks too unbelievably impeccable to seem real.

I don’t generally like to bad-mouth actors in a film – after all, they can only work with the material they’re given from the writer, and the instruction imparted by the director. Moreover, knowing nothing of the cast of ‘Guardians,’ I don’t want to make any snap judgments. But I do think it’s safe to say that Andrei Gavrilov’s screenplay and Sarik Andreasyan’s direction conspire to rob the actors of any opportunity to actually… well, act. The whole film moves so quickly – again, distinctly and pointedly bereft of all subtlety – that the cast seems to have no significant agency at all. We’ve seen what world-class actors are reduced to in the films of Uwe Boll; I have no specific reason to think this situation is any different.

What’s most remarkable, though, is that I really think ‘Guardians’ could have been a good movie. It could have been a good franchise, for that matter. As inelegantly as it’s exhibited, the ideas in the narrative have fun potential that’s locked away by the sheer aggressiveness and gracelessness of the film’s construction. If Gavrilov, Andreasyan, and editor Georgiy Isaakyan allowed scenes, dialogue, and characters to breathe on their own, this wouldn’t have been a 90-minute speed demon. For all the narrative content slammed through the funnel of its abbreviated runtime, ‘Guardians’ could and should have easily, actually, been 2 hours long at the bare minimum, or even a couple movies in and of itself – to say nothing of possibly developing additional features from the threads left dangling at this movie’s conclusion. I would have liked to have learned more about these characters, and to have seen this cast flex their muscles. As it is, that just wasn’t possible.

It’s worth noting, in passing, that as viewers our attention is so enraptured with the indelicate presentation that by comparison we hardly notice the clear effort to ape successful Hollywood superhero features of the years preceding this production. The similarity of some scenes is unmistakable, and the Russian superheroes themselves are echoes of readily identifiable comic book properties. But in the time it takes us to process that recognition, we’re already two scenes ahead, so the mimicry hardly even matters.

This is such an odd movie. I admire the concept, the narrative had potential, and I would have liked to see these ideas and this cast given real life. But for as preposterously direct, straightforward – and, once more, highly unsubtle – as the picture is, it feels like a warped facsimile of the superhero epic it could have been. It’s a shame, really.

‘Guardians,’ or ‘Zashchitniki,’ is far from the worst movie you’ve ever going to see. Yet so unsound, deficient, and inhibitive is its build that one could be forgiven for thinking there was conscious intent by the film-makers to undercut their own production.

Recommended for curious, persevering, and open-minded audiences.

Review By: I_Ailurophile
User rating very harsh, there is a lot worse with a better score
Having come across the trailer ‘Guardian’ on the Internet, initially I was fooled into thinking it was one for the Galaxy sequel (the action scenes looked impressive), but to my surprise it was an apparent Russian blockbuster, but an even bigger surprise is the rating. Yes, the script is rushed, and the story is basic, heck some will argue it’s a Russian ‘Galaxy’ but it’s not as bad as the score suggests, it’s a shame people have jumped on the bandwagon in helping the movie look worse than it is.

All major movie making countries are trying to make their own superhero films and they all have the same clichés and silly stories (including Hollywood) it just may be a little worse here. It deserves an average 5 just for some impressive action sequences though, on that front it’s the best 5 million dollars you will ever see spent on an action film, it looks like a very impressive blockbuster and puts some Hollywood ones to shame in that respect, so hope people can view this as the popcorn film it’s meant to be, and the unfair score improves.

Don’t get me wrong there is a lot bad in terms of writing etc, but as an action movie it’s watchable, maybe if only once so 3+ is an insult, 5-6 is a disappointing score for such a film but more realistic all the same, definitely better than The Asylum movies and even some of those currently they have a higher score and they have nothing going for them, at least the Guardians boasts some decent effects.

Don’t go by the rating make your own choice.

Review By: cjoshi-64841

Other Information:

Original Title Защитники
Release Date 2017-02-14
Release Year 2017

Original Language ru
Runtime 1 hr 29 min (89 min), 1 hr 29 min (89 min) (Taiwan)
Budget 5400000
Revenue 4803565
Status Released
Rated Not Rated
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy
Director Sarik Andreasyan
Writer Andrey Gavrilov
Actors Anton Pampushnyy, Sanjar Madi, Sebastien Sisak
Country Russia
Awards 1 nomination
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Dolby Atmos
Aspect Ratio 2.39:1
Camera N/A
Laboratory N/A
Film Length N/A
Negative Format N/A
Cinematographic Process N/A
Printed Film Format N/A

Guardians 2017 123movies
Guardians 2017 123movies
Guardians 2017 123movies
Guardians 2017 123movies
Guardians 2017 123movies
Guardians 2017 123movies
Guardians 2017 123movies
Guardians 2017 123movies
Guardians 2017 123movies
Guardians 2017 123movies
Original title Защитники
TMDb Rating 4.9 639 votes

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