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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies

Jason's back, and this is the one you've been screaming for.Apr. 13, 198491 Min.
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Watch: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies, Full Movie Online – After being stabbed in the head by Chris Higgins. Jason Vorhees is believed to be dead and is taken to a Hospital for an Autopsy. However, He is Alive and kills a Doctor and a Nurse and is loose once more. He Returns to Camp Crystal Lake where Young Boy Tommy Jarvis lives with his Mother and Older Sister. A Group of Teenagers move in to a House next door to the Jarvis House. Jason begins killing the Teenagers and kills Tommy’s Mother. It’s now up to Tommy and His Older Sister to kill Jason and end his murderous rampage once and for all..
Plot: After being mortally wounded and taken to the morgue, murderer Jason Voorhees spontaneously revives and embarks on a killing spree as he makes his way back to his home at Crystal Lake.
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6.0/10 Votes: 53,228
24% | RottenTomatoes
33/100 | MetaCritic
N/A Votes: 1040 Popularity: 31.262 | TMDB


Liked this one a bit more than the last time I saw it, a bit slow at times but, at least compared with Part III, better characters, but has some good and gnarly kills (one in particular when Jason comes out of the water). The biggest knock is the bad editing (one scene has Jason killing Crispin Glover in the kitchen and later the girl Glover slept with in the bedroom before a shot back in the kitchen) and poor continuity (the appearance of the family’s dog was most noticeable). However, still found this entry entertaining enough. **3.25/5**
Review By: JPV852

You got the curse?

Well we all thought Jason was dead, as he is here taken to the morgue after being mortally killed… But of course he revives and sets about establishing that he is in fact an indestructible killing machine. I wouldn’t want to be living near Camp Crystal Lake right now…

In truth it’s a good old 1980s slasher pic, but that doesn’t necessarily make it worthy to anyone outside of the hardiest of hardest Friday13th franchise fans. The kills and gore quotient are high, bloody and gooey, with the kills not lacking for invention, but plot formula is tired and weary. Crispin Glover makes for something of a curio appearance in the piece, whilst a young Corey Feldman rocks up for a bit of Damien Thorn channelling.

Some series fans love it whilst others abhor it. Question is? We know it wasn’t to be the final chapter after all, so how does it hold up against the others that would follow it down the bloody intestine strewn path?

Review By: John Chard
To put it kindly, Friday the 13th: Part IV: The Final Chapter wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. While, it was somewhat entertaining, it was also kinda blunted.
Let me cut to the chase, and get to the point, 1984’s ‘Friday the 13th: Part IV: The Final Chapter’ was not a good movie. It was kinda dumb. Directed by Joseph Zito, the movie starts right after the events of 1982’s ‘Friday the 13th: Part III’, with Higgins Haven crawling with police and paramedics. The bodies are taken to the morgue, with the not quite dead, killer Jason Voorhees (Ted White) among them. Jason escape and embarks on a new killing spree, as he makes his way back home at Camp Crystal Lake. Without spoiling the movie, too much, I found this movie isn’t the one, I been screaming for, even when, I was a kid of the 1990s. I didn’t find it, to be that scary. I found it, to be very generic and tiresome at parts, even back then. After all, the movie is pretty much, just recycling the same plot of Part II and Part III. It just added more gimmicky nudity and gore to the mix that certain scenes had to be delete, so it didn’t get an X-Rating. Don’t get me wrong, make-up artist, Tom Savini was at the top of his game with the gore, and the women actress were hot in the buff, but I was really hoping for more of story or a backstory, than what we got. I just think, it would awesome if they fit more of the original Friday the 13th superstitions in the film. I know the TV series dealt with the bad luck and curses, but the film series should had too. It could had been more fun. Sadly, this movie didn’t give, anything new. Stylistically, Friday the 13th: Final Chapter had a lot of the same elements that made the original Friday the 13th a sleeper hit in 1980, such as first-person camera perspectives, gory stalk-and-slash scenes with the same eerily music. One of the biggest problems of the film is trying to connect this to the previous film. The movie took forever to recap the last few films. Another problem with this film and the first two films is the lack of suspense. You know, whom the killer is, so it’s predictable as hell. Despite that, Ted White does a good job as Jason. I know that he hated the job and almost quit, because how the director was mistreating the other actors, by ordering them to do, dangerous stunts, but I glad, he stayed. He’s one of the best. However, unlike the other movies, there wasn’t anybody else to root for. Nobody in this film, were that likable to me. Nor was, anybody acting, great. I found the new group of over the age actors, acting like teenagers, to be very obnoxious and the actors playing the Jarvis family that lived next door to be very bratty. Another thing, all of their characters were very stupid. Honestly, who wise idea, was it, to stay or go near Camp Crystal Lake, after the events of five years ago, 1980’s ‘Friday the 13th’ and what happen, within the last few days of this movie’s timeline? I get that, there is contradictions in the timeline present in the films, but gees, people should know, by now, that there is a killer loose near or at Camp Crystal Lake. There is no reason, why the locations is still, having teenagers flocking to party, there. However, I did like the odd little dance that Jimmy (Crispin Glover) does in the middle of the film to the song by Lion’s “Love Is a Lie”. I found it to be, very funny. No wonder, why that film clip became, such a huge internet meme in later years. Other odd things, I found weird, about this film, is the fact that Jason is still, randomly killing people on dates, that isn’t Friday the 13th nor does it have nothing to do, with his mom’s murder, nor his supposedly death. Also, I know, it’s a bit nitpicking, but how in the hell, does Jason travel around, so fast and knows where everybody is? Does he have teleporting powers, now? Another thing, that was jarring, is that none of the previous cast, survivors, returned for this film. Honestly, how nice, would it be, to see, what happen to Chrissy Higgins (Dana Kimmell) or Ginny Field (Amy Steel)? It would make me, want to watch it. Yes, technically, Chris Higgins briefly appears in the hospital where Jason’s body is sent to, along with her parents, but since she view, from her back, we never get to know, if that was truly her or not. Its sucks that this movie lacks a strong “it girl”. I was really hoping for a strong female protagonist. As per the title, the film was supposed to be the Grand finale to the series, but less than a year later, another sequel was released, due to the popularity of this film. Without spoiling the ending to this film, too much, I have to say, it was really dumb with Jason retaken somebody else for him. It’s just as dumb as the ending to Part II. Also, they really took a misstep with how Tommy Jarvis (Corey Feldman) was going to lead, a new series of ‘Jason’ films after the fourth. The ending of 1985’s ‘Friday the 13th: A New Beginning’, whom leads up to this, although due to the negative reaction to that film, the idea was soon dropped, and never pick up, again. Overall: This movie isn’t an immoral and reprehensible piece of trash like critic, Roger Ebert says it is. On the other hand, it’s not good as well. It’s just mediocre, at best. It’s no movie to die for.
Review By: ironhorse_iv

Other Information:

Original Title Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
Release Date 1984-04-13
Release Year 1984

Original Language en
Runtime 1 hr 31 min (91 min), 1 hr 37 min (97 min) (uncut) (USA)
Budget 2600000
Revenue 32980880
Status Released
Rated R
Genre Horror, Thriller
Director Joseph Zito
Writer Victor Miller, Ron Kurz, Martin Kitrosser
Actors Erich Anderson, Judie Aronson, Peter Barton
Country United States
Awards 2 nominations
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Mono
Aspect Ratio 1.85 : 1
Camera Panavision Panaflex
Laboratory Movielab, Hollywood (CA), USA
Film Length 2,483 m (Italy)
Negative Format 35 mm
Cinematographic Process Spherical
Printed Film Format 35 mm

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 1984 123movies
Original title Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
TMDb Rating 6.113 1,040 votes

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